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We help Personal Brands generate high quality leads and grow their following through Instagram engagement

TRT Virtual

Because your message is powerful and you can only spread it so far on your own

Does this sound like you? 

Instagram is one of the most important pieces of your business. You understand the benefits of engaging with other users & ideal clients, but you can’t stand to spend hours a day liking & placing comments on photos of people you don’ even know. You’ve thought about paying for a bot to do it, but don’t want to sacrifice your authenticity, because there is no way a robot can replicate your authentic personality, messaging & brand.

Our Process

Learning your voice

We learn everything there is to know about how you speak on social media by taking a deep dive into your thoughts & beliefs, the punctuation you use, the emojis you prefer, your grammatical tendencies, and more. Our intention is for you to look at what we have written and ask “did I write that?”

Finding your ideal client

Once you are confident in us spreading your message, we need to find more out about your ideal client! Who are they and where do they hang out on Instagram? Once we know these two things, we utilize tools such as hashtags, locations and similar accounts to find thousands of your ideal clients.

Cold Engagement

We have found your ideal client and know exactly how to speak to them as you. From here, its as simple as leaving a meaningful comment on one of their posts. This sparks curiosity, prompting your ideal client to visit your page, engage with your account, follow you and convert into a paying customer!

How we work

Voice Audits

During the Voice Audit process, our team does a deep dive into all of your social media platforms. We’ll be looking for things like which emojis you love, what phrases you use, how you respond to followers, and much more. Think of us as your ghostwriters. Our goal here is to learn the in’s and out’s of being you– online. 

After our Voice Audit, you’ll be comfortable knowing that we’re engaging exactly as you would. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering, “Hmm… did I write that, or was that TRT Virtual?”

Introductory Strategy Session

Our Introductory Strategy Session is much more than an introduction. Together, we’ll review results from our Voice Audit as well as your desired goals, ideal clients, KPIs, and expectations. You’ll leave this session confident that TRT Virtual knows who your ideal client is, what your brand is about and what you need. 

Full Tracking & Analytics

Each month, we’ll create a detailed report outlining all of your metrics and KPIs. You’ll be able to see metrics for data like: followers gained per hour of engagement, retention rates, profile visits per hour of engagement, website visits per hour of engagement, etc. This will allow you to track our progress toward your goals while we work together. 

Cold Engagement

Cold engagement is key to bringing in new leads and being noticed organically. Once we’ve defined who your ideal client is, we figure out where they are hanging out in IG. Whether its through hashtags, locations or similar accounts, we find them! From there, the engagement starts with a meaninigful comment on one of their recent posts.

Packages Made to Work for You

*Each tier requires a $300 one time start-up fee that covers the cost of your voice audit & introductory strategy session.*

*3 month commitment required*

*Custom packages and pay in full discounts available upon request*

Level-up your monthly package with our custom services and add-on’s. These services are designed to add an extra “oomph” to your base package. 


Retargeting & Re-engagement

Conversions rely heavily on retargeting & re-engagement. Don’t let your leads fall through the loops! 

Our retargeting & re-engagement process is used to track your followers as they navigate through the different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

We’ll be tracking your leads and retargeting them repeatedly, as per our re-engagement plan. We also regularly engage with new followers to help retain and nurture them.

Initial Direct Messaging

Time for you to spend a little less time in your DMs!

We’ll handle outreach to all of your new followers by sending them personalized direct messages. You’ll collaborate with our team to define your desired DM outcomes. From there, we’ll develop a high converting message built to help nurture your new audience and speed up the customer’ journey to conversion.

We do not currently offer start to finish direct messaging. Stay tuned for this!

Strategy Sessions

Strategic planning is an extremely important step to success when it comes to marketing. 

In your first strategy session, we’ll review results from our Voice Audit as well as your desired goals, ideal clients, KPIs, and expectations. 

As we continue, we’ll use strategy sessions to revisit your goals and explore new potential opportunities. 

You’ll leave each session confident that TRT Virtual knows your brand and what you need to continue growing.

TRT Virtual by the numbers

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What our Clients are saying!

[They] have given me the freedom to show up doing the things I love in my business while feeling assured that my ideal client is being brought to my platform

Bryce and the TRT virtual team have given me the freedom to show up doing the things I love in my business while feeling assured that my ideal client is being brought to my platform behind the scenes. They’ve exceeded my expectations with their professionalism, reporting, and results. I’m so excited about the work they’ve done for my biz so far and ecstatic to see where we’re heading.                         


Looking at the comments [they] wrote I even questioned to myself, “Did I write this?!”

Working with TRT Virtual has been so great! I am consistently getting leads and followers to my page, who are also open to engaging in conversation with me and engaging with my content. Looking at the comments his team wrote I even questioned to myself, “Did I write this?!” Because his team nailed my voice and cadence that well! Bryce himself is very communicative and makes me feel like a priority. I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge of what converts best. Him and his team go to all lengths to ensure that we are getting the highest conversion. I feel as though my ideas are heard and I am consulted every step of the way. I appreciate TRT Virtual for their hard work, professionalism, and results!  


“My account has grown so much just in the last month, and all with ideal clients”

I started working with TRT Virtual a little over a month ago and I am seriously blown away. I’ve hired contractors for engagement in the past, and always felt it was a little off/not very beneficial. When I started working with TRT Virtual we started with a consult type call and I immediately knew this time was going to be so different. They took so much time to really dig deep into my account, learn my voice and who I was targeting on my account. They pull data from places I would never even think about and I was seriously blown away. My account has grown so much just in the last month, and all with ideal clients. I’ve even received some applications just from accounts they’ve engaged with for me! This has been such an amazing experience so far and I feel so so grateful to have finally found such a great engagement team.   


Why we’re different

TRT Virtual was born during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team decided to take the leap from a multi-million dollar company in the event ticketing industry to explore other avenues and put our mix of digital skills to work. We’re a tight-knit group of rule-benders and industry disruptors with backgrounds in marketing, finance, business operations, and more. The sky’s the limit for us, and we’ll always keep the ideas flowing. 

Meet the Team

Get to know a little bit more about the faces behind the screen! 

Bryce Wilson

Bryce Wilson

College athlete turned CEO. I have a Golden Retriever named Banks and am a bandwagon North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball fan. My favorite place in the world is Red Rocks Amphitheater  and I am currently traveling the world full time in an RV.

Reah Duran

Reah Duran

Unica Hija and a proud Filipina. Passionate and curious of anything about marketing. I enjoy organizing things & ideas. When I’m not working, you’ll find me nerding out with inspiring & life-changing books. Music is my 2nd love.
Jacob Bye

Jacob Bye

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. I am a proud cat dad. I like to spend my free time going to events, watching sports, golfing, or lounging on the beach. Huge fan of the world champion Raptors and Indianapolis Colts!

Mickaela McNatt

Mickaela McNatt

Full time nomad and Spiritual junkie. Banks is also my son (see Bryce) and we do this so he can see the world. Give me some crystals, coffee a good book and I will be absolutely loving life

Paul Palomares

Paul Palomares

Philippines is my home country. I love trekking and group adventures. Durian is my favorite tropical fruit. I have never missed a single fight of Manny Pacquiao. During my free time, you’ll find me watching videos on farming.

Daphnie Hardin

Daphnie Hardin

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I have been a marketing professional for over 3 years and a professional dancer since the age of 17. I am a plant lover, ice cream enthusiast and bookworm! 

Reymar Palomares

Reymar Palomares

Second son of my amazing parents. Motorcycle riding around the beautiful spots in my country keeps me alive. I have four dogs – Pikpik, Snoopy, Zoey and Musmus. Soccer is my favorite sport.
Banks Wilson

Banks Wilson

Dog of Bryce Wilson and Mickaela McNatt. Usually a Good boy. I don’t do much work, but have a positive impact on company morale. Snuggles are my favorite!

What makes us, us

Learn more about our core values and what sets us apart from other agencies. 

Family First

We’re a tight-knit group. You won’t feel like just another client- you’ll gain a community of supportive friends.

Self Motivated

You won’t find a lazy TRT Virtual team member out there! We’re all actively looking to improve.

A Global Team

We’re on the move! Our team is spread out across the US, the Philippines, the Caribbean & traveling internationally. 


Everyone on our team has the habit of thinking positively. If something goes wrong, we’re not worrying!

Industry Disruptors

We’re the rule-benders of the virtual marketing industry. Our goal is to shake things up.

Craving Growth

The sky’s the limit for us, and we put that belief to practice regularly. We keep the ideas flowing. 

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